Sunday, September 28, 2008

DAY 74 - Paul's Farm Market

We took a drive down the river to get some fresh cider and tomatoes and apples. Paul's makes their own cider, no preservatives or pastueurization, just fresh, pure apple cider -- nothing like the stuff that passes for cider in the stores.

The bins at the market were loaded with pumpkins and gourds, mums, Halloween decorations, and all those wonderful fresh fruit and veggies.

They had some of the most unusual gourds and mini pumpkins, too.

And finally, the Indian corn and corn for the birds and squirrels.



Amazing -- we have absolutely nothing like that here. I need some of those corn things for my new chicks! Nice shots of the wares -- really lovely that you have a place like that.

Islipian said...

I have to drive way out east to find anyplace as nice as that. I LOVE the white pumpkins!

Jai Johnson said...

This is really cool...I love all the colors. :) Great photos!

Iris said...

Nothing like that around me either - love all the fall colors.