Thursday, September 18, 2008

DAY 65 - Hurricane Ike 4, SE Ohio 0

Just a quick update -- still no power since it went out Sunday at about 6:00 p.m. The entire State of Ohio was slammed by the winds of Hurricane Ike -- 84 of the 88 counties in Ohio have power outages. We didn't get any rain, just horrendous wind!

I didn't even see a power truck until Tuesday -- word is that half of Ohio's electric trucks had been sent south to Texas, then they had to be turned around to head back to Ohio. There are crews in from other Ohio counties, Kentucky, Ontario and Quebec.

American Electric Power estimates power should be restored by the weekend at the latest. There are still about 8,000 customers in Muskingum County with no power!

Thank goodness for our generator -- so the freezer and refrigerator are okay, and we ran a line up to our neighbor's to keep his freezer going. We have city water and a gas water heater and stove, so we're coping well.

It's just having to make daily trips to the library to check Ebay and Amazon for sales!

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Iris said...

So glad you've posted Fran, I was thinking of you this morning and wondering how you're doing. Praying for a "soon" resolution to the power situation and really glad you have the generator.

Kat Simpson said...

Wow! So smart to think ahead and have the generator - hang in there.

Jai Johnson said...

Got power yet, Fran?

Blogger said...

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