Saturday, September 6, 2008

DAY 55 - The Hydrangea Tree

I've been waiting all summer for this tree to get in full bloom.

It's a hydrangea tree with huge white flower clusters.

The largest blooms are about 15" long, about 9" or so wide.

It is my absolutele favoritest blooming tree! It blooms in August here in SE Ohio, and the blooms remain usually through September. The blooms dry and can be used in dry flower arrangements.


Islipian said...

Ahh, but you live so far AWAY! I've always wanted a friend with that "tree," so I could come cut blooms pour moi!

I planted one many years ago but think the golden hops ate it :-(

Kat Simpson said...

Gorgeous Tree and you got fantastic photos!

Jai Johnson said...

Oh my goodness that last photo is amazing!


Oh I love that tree --- it's gorgeous. It's an amazing tree and it makes for great photos!