Friday, September 19, 2008

DAY 66 - Hurricane Ike 5, SE Ohio 0

Still no power, but it's getting closer. The large subdivision to our west got power yesterday -- there's a township fire station on that circuit, so it was a priority to get them back in business. I understand, but still. . .

Cable is back on (not sure if they have power or are on generator), so I do have internet service again. We're running on generator mornings and evenings, so I was finally able to get on line this morning to check Ebay and do a little bit of maintenance. I haven't been able to do any listing since the end of last week -- thank goodness for Store sales!

No later than Sunday midnight is the projection for power. There are still 4654 customers in Muskingum County without power, 19,075 in Licking County just down the road from us. 34,000 homes in SE Ohio are still without power; 38,000 have had power restored.

To quote the power company: "It brought down entire trees, poles, and wires and it's requiring us to rebuild entire sections of our system. There really isn't anything you could do as a utility to prevent that (70+ mph wind gusts).


Iris said...

As always, glad to hear from you Fran - praying for electricity soon!

Islipian said...

Yay for electricity! Yay for cable!