Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DAY 2 -- Nashport & Dillon State Park

We're really lucky to live just across the road from one of Ohio's big state parks -- Dillon. Dillon has a medium size lake and a flood control dam. In the 1960s or so, the little town of Nashport was abandoned and flooded to become part of the lake and wetlands. Nashport now is just a post office -- so if I wrote my blog just about my town, I'd be done writing at this point!
A couple little houses in our neighborhood were actually moved here from "downtown" Nashport before it was flooded.

Dillon has a big campground, cabins, beach area, horseman's trails, cross country bicycle trails, snow sledding hill, and, of course, the lake. There's a wooded trail just off the beach parking lot that we like to walk with Sam, the furkid. I'll add a pic of Sam in a day or so.



The lake is beautiful and looks so peaceful -- probably humid and 'buggy'? I've never lived near a lake, that would be fun for the dogs, I bet. At least the ones who can swim :)

Kat Simpson said...

You make Ohio look beautiful! Kat