Thursday, July 24, 2008

DAY 10 - My Hydrangea

Iris photo of her hydrangea prompted me to post mine. To get that gorgeous deep blue color, the soil has to be just right -- acidic. Here is SE Ohio, our soil is clay -- great for pottery, not so good for planting until it's doctored up. I have to add aluminum sulfate to the soil around the bush every year to get any blue color to turn up at all. If I don't feed it, the color is white!

I was playing around with the flash at twilight, and shot this one:

I've added a link to a website I found that talks about the colors of hydrangeas and how to change the colors depending upon the pH of the soil.


Iris said...

Oh, can't imagine a white one, but I would think it would be gorgeous too. I also really like the deep pink ones - but none of those around here.

Yours is lovely also. I'm fascinated by being able to change the color of a flower by it's soil. I understand that's easier to do if they're in a pot - would take a REALLY BIG POT for mine though.

Thanks for posting yours!

RobinAnn said...

I love hydrangeas. How pretty!

Kat Simpson said...

I love the idea of changing colors of a flower based on what you feed it. reminds me of those food coloring/celery experiments in jr high school :)