Wednesday, October 1, 2008

DAY 77 - Have You Powerwashed Your Horse Lately?

Earlier this summer we took a weekend trip up to Holmes County, Ohio's Amish Country. Across a little country road from the store I had stopped at was a large Amish farm . As I zoomed in on the barnyard, I was surprised to see the young Amish man hard at work powerwashing his buggy! Now, the Amish don't use electricity or drive cars, but using a gasoline powered device, like a powerwasher or a generator, is okay.

I went in the store, did my shopping, and then decided to take some more shots of the farm. What I saw next was totally unexpected. He was powerwashing his buggy horse. Now, before you yell "animal abuse" let me say that he was standing far enough away from the horse so as not to hurt him. In fact, the horse seemed to be quite content to be washed down with cool water on a hot day.


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This brings of memories of growing up and visiting my grandparents in PA...we would often go to "Amish Country" to get fruit and vegetables. I loved it there. While grandma talked to the women, I spent my time chasing animals around with my camera (no surprise there...LOL). I was 16 the last time I was there. Sigh.