Thursday, January 29, 2009


The past 36 hours have been interesting. The 10" of snow that was predicted turned into ½" of ice. That huge storm tracked just slightly north and we got the ice instead of big snow. To add insult to injury mother nature then dropped 4" of snow onto the ice. Some areas to our north got 15" of snow, but thankfully they didn't get the ice -- give me snow any day! We lost power for about 10 hours yesterday -- power may not be restored to all people in the area until Saturday.

Buds on magnolia tree

This is the main state route. These vehicles were part of a long line of vehicles following the snow plow down the road. The road is still icy and treacherous. Level 2 snow emergency, which means stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.

Another shot of the magnolia tree entombed in ice.

Here's the driveway -- about 2" of icy slush. Then we got 4" of snow on top of that! Thank goodness our neighbor arrived after dark with his tractor and slow blade and cleaned off the bulk of the drive.

Rhododendron and azalea bushes -- the sun finally appeared late in the afternoon after the storm exited the area.

This is our little side street -- a snow plow had been through once already.

Rhododendron flower bud

Azalea flower bud

Electric power line

Neighbor boy having fun

Birdfeeders were really busy today

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